Christmas Options

Please state portions or quantity required plus preparation instructions (eg fillet or whole). Other items available on request.


Whole salmon £15/kg 3-4kg fish

Var Salmon fillet sides £25/kg 500g min
Cod fillet £23/kg 500g min

Coley £16/kg 500g min
Fresh Pie Mix £19/kg 500g min

Hake Fillet £24/kg 500g min
Haddock fillet £23/kg 500g min

Natural Smoked Haddock £26/kg 500g min

Mussels £8 1kg min
Clams £25/kg  1kg min or multiples of there of

Oysters 1.50 ea (need to be able to order up to 24)

Scallops 10 for £11 £4/100g

Lemon Sole £5 each £15/kg

Brill whole fish £30/kg 750-1kg/1-2kg

Prawns Raw Shell £20/kg (approx 35 prawns per kg)
Prawns Raw Shell 2kg Box £30

Cooked Shell on Prawns £22kg (approx 35 per kg)

Turbot £30/kg 750-1kg or 1-2kg fish
Wild Bass £30/kg 750-1kg or 1-2kg fish

Lobsters £45/kg 750g-1kg

Hen Crabs £15/kg 600g-1kg

Cock Crabs £20/kg circa 1kg

Larger Monkfish fillet £40/kg 500g min
Bass fillets 4 for £13

Swordfish Steaks 200g £7 each

Tuna Steaks £200g £8 each

Squid £3/100g   500g or 1kg

Octopus £15/kg 500g/1/1.5/2kg

Crab pots 100g £6.99 each

Carp £20/kg 1.5-2kg fish

*All subject to availability and market variations.

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