Christmas Orders

Select the items you would like and press the ‘order now’ button at the end of this page. You will then be asked to pay a small deposit to secure your order. If you would like your order delivered for £5 or would like your fish filleted/skinned etc please let us know at checkout on the additional comments box. Thanks for your order and we wish you a peaceful festive season.

£1.50 ea
10 for £11, £4/100g
£5 each £15/kg
£35/kg 750-1kg/1-2kg
Ecuadorian raw shell on prawns
30-40 count per kg £22/kg
around £35/kg
around £35/kg
£45/kg 750-1kg
£20/kg circa 1kg
4 for £12 (100-140g each)
200g £7 each
200g £8 each
100g £5.99 each
£20/kg 1kg or 1.5-2kg fish
£20/kg 1kg or 1.5-2kg fish

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